Education & Lockdown

Global COVID19 Era Program

Launch July 22

TV Broadcast 27 July - 14 Aug

Collecting Sparks to Reignite Education

The global and local Covid-19 whirlwind devastates communities and disrupts life as we know it.  

Over 100 million trainers, teachers, education related experts and business people tackle new constraints and challenges, and generate every now and then sparks of innovation and ingenuity. 

GroCompass2020 is a collection of groundbreaking sparks. We mold them into new groundbreaking concepts that would reignite education.

Global Summit - Lifelong Learning - July 23rd

On July 23rd  we would conduct a global kickoff event, after which content would be available on the web, we expect to conduct additional periodical events based on the accumulating content, and centered around subdomains and specific geographic interests and needs.

The open source is available now - if you have a groundbreaking Spark send it now

Global EdTech Impact Alliance

In September 2014  Dr. Yaki Dayan founded EdTech Israel, with the vision to transform Startup Nation to EdTech Nation. Having the Israeli DNA of entrepreneurship and business, he formed the Global Edtech Impact Alliance. An Israeli and three international visionaries: Hakan Satiroglu, USA; Fernando Valenzuela, Mexico; Norihisa Wada,  Japan. 

In the past five years, global Lifelong Learning and EdTech Leadership have met annually at IES – Israeli EdTech Summit, listened to premium curated programing, shared & discussed ideas in these domains, and were exposed to best practices developed away from traditional western scholarship centers. 

The pandemic inspired Yaki, a global  Edtech & Lifelong Learning expert, to form a group of Sparks. 

It is now a group with over 100 people from many geographies, business and academic backgrounds, all aspiring to reinvent lifelong learning into a practical tailored commodity accessible to all humanity. 

Are you a spark?

Scalability and Sustainability

Like any common open source community, we would offer global and local business entities to participate, develop, and advertise their own premium additions to the open source content, and so generate revenues that would enable GroCopmass’s sustainable growth. 

Interested in doing business?